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The Amalfi Coast, Italy 2022

"I had a really amazing time with TLA! I've always wanted to visit Italy, but was intimidated about planning everything myself. Because TLA had everything planned for us, it made the trip so much more enjoyable. Shout out to Nana, Olivia and Sydney for being prompt, professional and fun!! I'd 100% book with The Ladies Abroad for another trip first chance I get!"


Marrakech, Morocco 2022

"The trip was a once in a lifetime trip. The activities were well planned and accommodations were nice. I enjoyed meeting the group and while I was culturally educated, I had fun as well!"


the Amalfi Coast, Italy 2022

"My experience with The Ladies Abroad was amazing! The trip leaders were so sweet and helpful through out the entire trip. It was a dream come true to be able to travel to Italy for the first time and have it be a stress-free experience. The itinerary was well-planned and organized, although I wish we had spent more time in a couple of the towns we visited. All in all it was a trip I will never forget and I'm grateful to The Ladies Abroad for making it a memorable experience with some awesome gals :)"


Marrakech, Morocco 2022

"Truly an unforgettable experience that exceeded any expectations I had."


the Amalfi Coast, Italy 2019

"I’ll never forget the memories I made or the girls I traveled with. It was an unbelievable experience and I can only hope that if anyone out there reading this gets a similar opportunity, that you take it in a heartbeat!!"


the Amalfi Coast, Italy 2019

"I attended the Amalfi Coast trip in March and overall it was such a great experience! From the activities to our mini photoshoots, to getting to meet the other girls. I feel like my trip was so worth it! Would def go back, and see what the other destinations are about!"


the Amalfi coast, Italy 2019

"This was one of the most memorable trips I’ve ever had! I already miss everyone already. I would highly recommend touring any new place with The Ladies Abroad group."


Athens, Mykonos & Santorini 2022

"My favorite part was the catamaran boat ride. It was so beautiful, perfect weather, and so much fun. All the food and exploring was just really wonderful."


Athens, Mykonos, & Santorini, Greece 2022

"Building the relationships and not knowing anyone when we got here and where we're at after a week. I feel like I've met a lot of people and made a lot of friends. I would do it again!


Athens, Santorini & Mykonos 2022

"I loved my trip to Greece. It was amazing and gave me the travel bug. I would definitely do this again to be around a group of women and create fellowship and long last new friendships. That was extremely fulfilling to me. The creator of this whole thing is just awesome at what she does and just pouring into femininity and getting out and experiencing new things and cultures. I definitely enjoyed this trip!"


The Amalfi Coast, Italy 2022

"This was the absolute best experience of my life.

The Ladies Abroad planned an amazing trip. Each day was a brand new experience and anytime something had to change they went above and beyond to make sure this was communicated and making new reservations for places equally as awesome.

I cannot recommend this company enough and I am looking forward to booking another trip with them in 2023!! :)

Shoutout to Liv and Sydney for being the best trip leaders ever! Thank you Nana, Sydney, and Liv for everything y'all did I will never forget this trip!"


Zanzibar, Tanzania 2022

"Shout out to The Ladies Abroad for putting this trip together and giving me the chance to meet new friends!"


Iceland 2022

"What an amazing time with amazing women! I’ll remember all the laughs and experiences forever. Thanks TLA! "


Santorini & Mykonos, Greece 2023

"Thank you an unforgettable trip! I will recommend TLA to everyone I know!"


Iceland 2022

"Thank you for an amazing trip!! I will never forget this beautiful place!"


Iceland 2023

"Thank you for arranging such a great itinerary! Everything was flawless! it was the trip of a lifetime for me. I enjoyed every moment!"


Iceland 2023

"What I enjoyed the most was being able to live in the moment and enjoy the beautiful country of Iceland, thanks to TLA having every detail for every day of the trip well planned. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Iceland! Five star experience!"


Egypt 2023

"I love the whole experience! Egypt is as beautiful as it is mysterious! I love the tour of Egypt of the Ladies Abroad, lovely team and I also loved how informative Mohammed the Egyptologist explained everything so patiently and passionately. It was amazing! I had a lasting experience and I would do it again."


Dubai 2023

"I really really enjoyed the trip. Dubai was an incredible and exotic vacation location. All of the tours were very well organized and the tour guides were fantastic. I never had to stress or worry. I also felt that the communication about plans was frequent, clear and I always knew where to be and when to be there. Truly an amazing and stress free experience."


Phuket & Chiang Mai, Thailand 2023

"I will never forget the elephant sanctuary and lantern festival! Those were the top moments of the trip for me, but in general I really loved how smooth the entire itinerary was. There was an amazing balance of activity & relaxation, resort & city, and planned events & free time.  I’m also so happy to have made such incredible friends along the way!"

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